Casino Customization

Cartamundi can customize almost anything to fit your casino needs—from card back colors and patterns to our trademark 55th "Ad Card" for an extra promotional boost!

Choose from 3 varieties of index (pip) sizes. Our Jr. Giant® design helps surveilance with larger index for readibility and less empty space in comparison with Giant Index.

Compatible with the 3 most popular optical scanner: TechArt MAXTime®, No Peek 21® and Hole Card Reader System.

Features include a personalizable write-on area on the tuck box, a product ID card back that shows through the box window, and multiple patterns, plus Soft Border® and Flash Bar® options for the card back design. Additionally, our standard features include a security sticker seal and foil seal-strip within the cello wrap.

The color options are virtually endless for customizing your casino card backs. Tell us what you prefer, or we can suggest color pairings. Additionally, there are multiple pattern options, each positive or negative, and border options. Also customize the Ace of Spades with your logo.


  •  1 Carton = 12 Decks (3.75"H x 3"W x 8"D)
  •  1 Case = 144 Decks (10"H x 8"W x 16"D)
  •  24 Case Pallet – 840 lbs. (32"H x 33"W x 33"D)
  •  32 Case Pallet – 1,120 lbs. (41.5"H x 33"W x 33"D)


For further details on our Casino Capabilities and any other Casino Sales inquiries, please contact Keith Chandler.

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