Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program from a card company? ABSOLUTELY!

Cartamundi has a long history of producing tangible products that have been the pillars of companies around the world for years.  We now have taken our expertise in manufacturing and combined it with proven marketing principles and neuromarketing science to create a comprehensive customer loyalty program that combines both the physical and digital realm.


  • Create and reward an emotional relationship with your company’s present clientele as well as develop new relationships.
  • Provide an immediate lift in sales.
  • Increase the engagement frequency for current clients.
  • Reduce customer defection rates.
  • Assist current marketing efforts by providing accurate, relevant data by providing a platform that collects data to help segment your customer base.
  • Allows you to concentrate on your most profitable customers.

Keeping and developing the customers you have is far more cost effective than replacing them! Contact our VP of Promotional Products, Keith Chandler, to develop a program that rewards the most valuable assets as a company, reduces your marketing costs, increases market share – and adds to your bottom line!