Cartamundi manufactures a great variety of high-quality playing cards and accessories available to a worldwide consumer market.

Our Retail product line covers a multitude of Cartamundi brands and popular licenses perfect for both children and adults. Our decks have 55 cards. Not only do we have single decks, but we also offer 2-packs (tin or box), clip strips and floor displays on most brands.

Contact our Retail Sales Coordinator, Patricia Birdwell, for details.

Available Products

ACEA complete product line, from standard decks, 100% plastic to games and gaming accessories.  

BLACKJACK:  Casino quality card stock with Junior giant index card faces.

CLASSIC:  The best entry-level, import card on the market.

KIDS' CARD GAMES:  A wide variety of card games for kids, from classics like Go Fish to our own iSpot™ games!

BARAJA ESPAÑOLA:  Spanish playing cards with 4 traditional Latin suits: swords, batons, cups and coins.

LOW VISION:  Oversized graphics for easy readibility.

PRIVATE LABEL FOR RETAIL:  We will create the card or game product that is perfect for your brand!


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